PRODA-klasser med Anna-Lise Marie Hearn!

                                            Fredag 01.04 kl.18:00 – 19:30
                                            Lørdag 02.04 kl.10:00 – 11:30
                                            Søndag 03.04 kl.11:00 – 12:30
                                            Sted: Speilet, Atelierhuset på TOU


                                                                                                foto: Neda Rajabi
Class description:
Anna-Lise creates a positive and safe space for dancers to explore and expand themselves physically and mentally. The class moves seamlessly from improvisation into guided physical phrase work, led sensitively by Anna-Lise. The class begins by exploring and bringing awareness into the body through improvisation-based exercises, working both independently and in response to others, moving into progressive exercises across the floor and through the space.
Classes are full of energy, exploration and play. Further into the class, more complex movement phrases and exercises will be explored using what has been developed and established from the beginning of the class. Within these phrases, you explore the body’s movement capabilities, qualities and textures, and the patterns and power of movement in space. There is a strong focus placed on articulation and personal exploration inside the physical technique of the movement. There is value placed on the feeling of being expansive in space, with equal attention paid to detail and intricacy. Within the movement exercises and phrases, there is an energy that flows throughout the whole body, reflected in the energy given out to every participant in the studio, creating an enjoyable, open and energised session from beginning to end.

Within her classes, Anna-Lise aims to challenge, engage and inspire every individual she works with, supporting them in their personal artistic and technical development.
Anna-Lise Marie Hearn:
Anna-Lise Marie Hearn (she/her) is a British-Norwegian dance and movement specialist and artist based between Oslo, Berlin, and London. She works across the dance sector as a choreographer, movement director, dance educator and artist coach. 
Anna-Lise’s choreographic work spans collaborative projects, commissioned work, commercial productions, and self-produced work within both live performance (stage, site-specific, outdoor, and alternative performance spaces) and film (conceptual, commercial, fashion, music video). Alongside her work as a choreographer and movement director, Anna-Lise has extensive teaching experience working with professional dancers, in professional dance education, pre-professional training, youth dance and community dance teaching improvisation, dance composition, modern and contemporary dance.

Anna-Lise also works as an artist coach and choreographic coach, offering personalised one-to-one coaching for those entering, working in, or professionally associated with the creative industries. Artist Coaching supports and champions personal, professional and artistic development. Creating a safe, stimulating environment where the artist feels supported in identifying challenges, working towards their goals and living their potential. Choreographic Coaching supports both the maker in their development and investigation process, and the creative development of the work itself.
Anna-Lise Marie Dance ◆ www.anna-lisemarie.com