PRODA uke 37, 38 og 42 med Annemariet González

Annemariet skal holde ukentlig PRODA. Hun vil undervise ballett på søndager uke 37, 38 og 42.

Søndag 16. september kl. 11.00-12.30  SAL 1
Søndag 23. september kl. 11.00-12.30  SAL 1
Søndag  21. oktober kl. 11.00-12.30  SAL 1/3

Sted: Stavanger Kulturskole

Litt om klassene hun skal undervise:
The ballet class structure and method is based on the Cuban Ballet School. Promoting strength, precise technique, harmonious movements, coordination, and musicality. I like to teach a class where the dancer is able to move sharply or fluidly, but always clean, clear and precise. The exercises in the barre are closely connected to the combinations and tasks in the center. All this work should translate into a confident way of moving, with intensity, crispness, and elegance.

The class is instructed full of energy, humor and a profound awareness of transmitting clearly the ballet technique and its importance. Pursuing to keep the dancers motivated, focused and involved in a constant smart work. Inspiring them to dance with quality, honesty, and joy.