PRODA 21-22. april med UCSB Dance Company

I forbindelse med forestillingen Concerto Grosso med USCB Dance Company arrangeres det PRODA 21-22 april i samarbeid med UiS Fakultet for utøvende kunstfag.


Lørdag kl 10:30-12:00, Prof. class Contemporary
Lørdag kl. 12:15-13:45, Limon repertoar med Alice Condodina, Limon master artist
Søndag kl.11:00-12:30, Prof. class Contemporary
Søndag kl.12:45-14:15, Limon repertoar med Alice Condodina, Limon master artist

Sted: Rom 2153


«I will be approaching the basics of Limon Technique, which of course also emphasize his art philosophy, as well as his choreographic methods.  The material of the classes will be drawn from Limon’s «Concerto Grosso» (1945) with music by Antonio Vivaldi. The full work will be performed by the UCSB student dancers on both evenings, some of whom will be demonstrating for me.  By basing the classes on this material, the intention is to amplify the appreciation of Limon’s Dance Legacy when observed in performance.
Students can take the class either barefoot, or in soft slippers.»


Concerto Gross

Choreography by Jose Limon

Music by Antonio Vivaldi

“Concerto Grosso” was choreographed by Jose Limon in 1945. This was one year before he established the Jose Limon Dance Company, which today, continues to perform this dance in their repertoire. Mr. Limon was an extremely musical artist, and was trying to teach himself more about choreography by studying the musical form of this Vivaldi work. The dance relates to the form of the musical work. However, more than mimicking it, the movement flows and articulates using space, rhythmic motifs, and explorations of body dynamics. Intricately woven together, these key choreographic elements produce a beautiful dance, and offer the students a wonderful opportunity to grow as artists.

Forestillingen vises i black box på Fakultet for utøvende kunstfag kl.19:30 på lørdagen og 18:00 på søndagen. Se fb event: